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Community Fluency is the all-in-one platform that empowers elected officials and community leaders to serve their districts. With our new companion app, a comprehensive toolset, and up-to-date data, you'll have everything you need to succeed.

Community Fluency
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Features that give you superpowers.

Community Fluency was built for elected officials and community leaders who care about their districts. We help you keep track of everything your office does, everyone who has contacted you. Never forget a callback or a birthday again.

Community Fluency
Constituent Lookup
You have 34,567 constituents.
Full name
Albert H. Wiggin
123 Fake St. Hamham, MA
Other Residents
Denise Wiggin, Al Wiggin, Jr.
12/12/64 (Age 59)
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Entire district at your fingertips

You can add your own people to your database, but we start you off with every registered voter in your district. With the new app, immediately look up constituents by name, address, and more.

Community Fluency
Organize your constituents.
Environmental voters
43 people
+4 this week
HB1234 - Patient Safety
12 people
Broadway Neighborhood Association
23 people
+2 this week
SB345 - Elections reform
56 people
+7 this week
Christmas Cards
367 people
Hamham Town Council
9 people
Dog Owners
218 people
+12 this week
SB987 - Anti-Hamham bill
2,354 people

Organize your constituents into Groups

Easily put people into Issue or Constituent Groups. Email or print mailing labels with a single click.

Community Fluency
Unemployment Benefits
Case resolved with 7 notes
Mary Dean
Main St, Hamham
Case Type
Assigned To
Lej E. Slativade
Closing Remarks
Status for benefits updated 12/2. Mary says thank you!
See all 7 Notes

Complete case management tools

Good constituent service is all about following through. Never miss a response again with our detailed case management tools at your fingertips.

Complete tools and personal support.

With a combined 25 years serving constituents in the Massachusetts State House, our staff has the experience and knowledge to help your office make the most of Community Fluency.

  • Mapped Addresses

    Every valid massachusetts address GIS mapped and color-coded for your convenience.

  • Encrypted and Secure

    We use closed servers and bank-level encryption for your authorization and data.

  • Send Bulk Emails

    Whether to update on legislation or send out a newsletter, send unlimited emails.

  • One-click mailing labels

    Prefer sending letters on paper? Choose a list and print directly to labels.

  • Upload unlimited files

    Keep files where everyone on the team can find them. Upload to groups, constituents, and more.

  • Collaborate anywhere, anytime

    We keep your whole team on the same page -- and even allow you to share cases across teams.

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Simple pricing by district.

Whether you’re one person on a school committee or a City manager overseeing 5 departments, only pay for what you need.

MA State Representative


Join over 30 House Members using Community Fluency to organize their offices.

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  • Around 40,000 Constituents
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You’re a member of the massachusetts State Senate looking to keep your office organized.

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  • Around 120,000 Constituents
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Custom Massachusetts district


From school committee member to City office manager to University community liaision, we have just the plan for you.

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • All Features
  • Customized Account Structures
  • Specialized Training
  • 1,000 to 4.2 Million Constituents
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Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • Are you aligned with the Democratic or Republican parties?

      No. We, like constituent service, are non-partisan.

    • Can I get my exact district?

      Yes, we can give you any known political district or customized portion of a district you need.

    • Do you share any of my data?

      Your data is your own. Our business model is that this is your database for you and your staff, we do not sell or otherwise track your data for any purpose, and you can always request a full export of all the data on your account.

    • Where is Community Fluency based?

      Massachusetts. Our staff has over 20 years experience at the MA State House as legislative staffers doing constituent service.

    • How many users can I have?

      As many as you want. We help you organize your data, you decide who has access to it.

    • Do you have campaign tools as well?

      We believe good constituent service is the best campaign tool an elected official can have. But yes, we also complete voter data and a suite of campaign tools to help you target your voters and organize your volunteers when it's time for your campaign.

    • Will you train my staff?

      Yes. We work hard to make the system as intuitive as possible, but we offer complete training to you and your staff at your convenience.

    • I have data from a spreadsheet or another system. Can you load it?

      Yes. We will work with you to analyze and import your data to a format compatible with our groups

    • Do I need to sign a contract?

      No. No contract, cancel anytime. We will export or archive all your data at your request.